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Environment Energy Solutions

At Suntric, we are dedicated to helping individuals live sustainable lifestyles with reliable renewable electricity from the sun, wind, and water. Based in Beaver Falls, NY, we provide environmental energy solutions, including solar panel installation, battery maintenance, windmill installation, and more.

Fight greenhouse gas emissions with custom-designed solar energy systems with affordable utility costs and maintenance. Whether you’re looking for photovoltaic panels or wind turbines, our exceptional staff can handle it all with efficiency.

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Renewable Energy Services

Solar Energy Contractor

Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels can provide clean energy and help you save on monthly utility costs. Our team specializes in installing solar panels for environmentally-friendly and affordable energy.

Solar Energy Contractor

Solar, Wind, & Hydro Generation

It is now easier than ever to go solar with generous solar power tax credits, rebates, and other incentives. Allow us to install solar, wind, or hydro generators for your home.

Solar Energy Contractor

Power Panel Systems

We are experienced in installing wind, solar, or hydropower panel systems. Our professional team will install your complete system, so your home can run off reliable renewable energy.

Solar Energy Contractor

Battery Maintenance

Allow us to perform a maintenance check on your batteries. We will clean and check all terminals, load test each battery, and top off electrolytes. This service costs $150 plus tax and travel expenses

Solar Energy Contractor

Site Evaluations

Our reputable site evaluations will help determine the specific system design your property requires. We have all components needed to generate electricity for your off-grid or grid-tied solar system

Solar Energy Contractor

System Designs

With a reliable site evaluation, we can custom-design the proper renewable energy system for your home. Choose from wind, solar, or hydro energy for your property.

Solar Energy Contractor

Complete System Checks

We can perform a complete system check for your property. This check includes inspecting regular operation, charging controllers, examining PV panels, tri-metrics, and the inverter. This check costs $200 plus tax and travel expenses.

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